Murder Mystery

In Oak Class this afternoon, before we started our English topic on Macbeth, Miss Parrott staged a ‘murder mystery’.

The scene was as follows:

  • An unknown person had been found murdered. But where?
  • A knife was found smeared with blood outside the room next to a cup filled with a strange coloured mixture. What was it? Why was the dagger outside?
  • A diary entry, written by Duncan, expressed his fears that he believed he was going to be betrayed imminently by a member of his ‘inner circle’. Who could that be?
  • A travel suitcase with a crown and a soldier’s jacket beside it were in the room. What does this tell us about who was inhabiting it?

The children used evidence to create a deduction. And what did they think?

Yes, you’ve got it … Mrs Goodsell did it! Were they right? Of course not … it was Macbeth!

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