First Aid Training

This week Oak Class have undertaken their Student First Aid training by St John Ambulance. Throughout the day they completed modules on burns and scolds, fainting and shock. They also looked at how to put an injured person in the recovery position.

The children learned a great deal and now feel confident that they’d have the skills to administer basic first aid if they ever needed to in the future.

Murder Mystery

In Oak Class this afternoon, before we started our English topic on Macbeth, Miss Parrott staged a ‘murder mystery’.

The scene was as follows:

  • An unknown person had been found murdered. But where?
  • A knife was found smeared with blood outside the room next to a cup filled with a strange coloured mixture. What was it? Why was the dagger outside?
  • A diary entry, written by Duncan, expressed his fears that he believed he was going to be betrayed imminently by a member of his ‘inner circle’. Who could that be?
  • A travel suitcase with a crown and a soldier’s jacket beside it were in the room. What does this tell us about who was inhabiting it?

The children used evidence to create a deduction. And what did they think?

Yes, you’ve got it … Mrs Goodsell did it! Were they right? Of course not … it was Macbeth!

Fitness in PE

This afternoon, Miss Parrott took the upper KS2 for fitness sessions. We definitely increased our heart rate, which in turn increased our oxygen levels to be pumped by our blood around our bodies. What an energetic PE session it was!


Science Week – Building Birds Nests!

Year 5 and 6 have been busy this afternoon trying to replicate an intricate skill – nest building.

A question was posed to them: Can children build nests better than birds can?

We decided to test this theory. Firstly, we watched an expert, the weaver bird, create a nest using a mixture of skill, persistence and intricacy. Then, we went out into our garden and gathered the equipment we thought we’d need to create our own nests.

The children needed to think about structure and consistency and assess which materials would provide them with this.

The results were very interesting indeed.

Watch out for the results!

Save our Oceans

Only 5% of the deep ocean has been explored, meaning we know less about the ocean floor and the creatures that live there than we do  about the surface of Mars.

What we do know, from Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet series,  is that plastic pollution is having a huge impact on our ocean habitats and wildlife.

Our challenge was to create our own ocean grabber to clean up our oceans of plastic pollution and test it!



Problem Solving Friday

On a Friday morning, the children of Oak Class will be undertaking a problem solving lesson. During this time, they will become confident to tackle a variety of problem types using a variety of skills. These include:

  • Trial and improvement
  • Working backwards
  • Systematic working
  • Reasoning
  • Visualising

This Friday, we focused on Trial and Improvement. The children were given a group of digits and they had to build numbers that fulfilled certain criteria (such as the greatest multiple of 9, the smallest even number etc).

Mrs Goodsell even had a go … did she go undefeated?

Our journey to becoming excellent writers

The children of Oak Class have worked extremely hard this half term in developing their creative writing skills. I am incredibly impressed with what they have managed to achieve so far.

We have been studying the novel ‘A Monster Calls’. The children have become very absorbed by it and have used a plethora of tools and skills in their writing. These include:

  • patterns of three
  • similes, metaphors and personification
  • complex sentences
  • using colons and semi-colons
  • writing with control and flair with the audience/reader placed firmly at the heart
  • dialogue
  • grammatical functions such as the subjunctive mood (sounds fancy, right?)

If we continue to make this level of progress, they will all be writing fantastically by the end of the year.

Well done all. 

Go Ape

We’ve had a fantastic day team building and conquering the heights of Sherwood Pines. Thank you to FORS for supporting with the cost of our leavers trip. 

Our French song (Alouette)

In French we have been learning about different parts of the body, as part of this we have learnt the song Alouette.

Allouette is a French-Canadian song about a horned lark, a horned lark is a type of game bird and settlers would pluck it before cooking.

As we do not have a horned lark we invented our own bird THE RHIANNON BIRD!

Mould Experimentation

Today, year 6 have been challenged with an investigation to find out how quick mould forms on food. Our group decided to investigate if light effected the rate mould grow at. We have used transparent plastic bags, white bread and opaque and translucent paper. Everyone has created a prediction, aim and decided on variables what they are keeping the same and changing. We have also created a timetable on when to check our bread. Come back and read more to find out our results.


One group’s plastic bag



A group working on their experiment

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